What is Temperature Scanner? How does it work?

Temperature is the basic, but very important parameter to measure in industry and even at home. Monitoring of the machine’s temperature can increase its life.

However, it practically not possible for the human to monitor the temperature of machines continuously. Many times it is also important to measure the temperature of different zones in the industry.

It is also necessary to display the temperature of each zones and release an alarm or warning on a crossing of temperature more than its desired limit.

It is costly to provide a separate device for each zone. A multi-channel or multi-point temp scanner is the perfect solution for this type of situation.

What is a Temperature Scanner?

temperature scanner

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A temperature scanner is a microprocessor-based device that measures and displays the temperature.

A multi-channel temperature scanner is a device that measures and displays the temperature of each channel one by one up to the last channel and then returns to the first channel and continue the process cyclically. This continuous cyclic process of measurement is calling scanning.

Generally, we can find 4, 8, 16, 24, and 32 channel temp scanners of different brands in the market.

Functions of Multi-Channel Temperature Scanner

1. We can connect RTD or Thermocouple as an input in the temperature scanner.

2. It provides an LED or display to indicate each channel while scanning.

3. The scan rate is normally 0.1 to 60 seconds.

4. It is also possible to scan each channel manually or automatically.

5. There are indications and output contacts for a high/low alarm for each channel. Some brands also offer a group, a user can create which has a common high/low alarm setting.

6. It also offers a serial port, so you can connect it with PLC, SCADA, or DCS.

7. In the situation when an RTD becomes open/short, it also gives us a fault indication.

Temperature Scanner Application

1. Sub-Station Monitoring

2. Power-plant Monitoring

3. Dust Collecting System

4. Bag Filter Chamber’s Temperature Monitoring

5. Remote Input for PLC or DCS

6. Pipeline Temperature Monitoring

7. High Voltage Motor Winding and Bearing Temperature Monitoring

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