Top 20 PLC Manufacturers : PLC Brands and Ranking

Top 20 PLC Brands | PLC Manufacturers

Before starting this blog, I recommend you to read about What is PLC? How does it work? What are their applications? Advantages of PLC.

PLC or programmable logic controller is also called the “Workhorse of the Industrial Automation”, is an industrial computer that is specially designed to control the specific process or sometimes the entire production line.

There are multiple shapes and sizes of PLC. As it is an industrial computer, it doesn’t look like a conventional computer. It doesn’t have a display screen, keyboard, and mouse.

You can find PLC in almost all sectors. PLC replaces relays. Relays are the devices that are generally used to control high power signal using a low power signal. Relays logic is time-consuming and said to be complex when they tend to be re-configured. PLCs have less downtime as compared to relay logic.

Although, Panel size in relay logic is more space-consuming as compared to panel size with PLC. Programmable Logic Controller is ruggedized hardware. The word ruggedized means that the PLC’s hardware is capable of operating in harsh environments and longer-lasting.

A Growing Market of Industrial Automation

According to research by grandviewresearch, the global industrial automation, and control system market was worth almost 126.3 billion USD and expected to rise 8.6% up to 2025. Companies are significantly reducing labor and operational expenses, and additionally minimizing human errors by the use of industrial robots through automation.

The manufacturers are using various control systems for their industrial processes. The primary control systems are Programmable Logic Controller(PLC), Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition(SCADA), Distributed Control System(DCS), and Human Machine Interface(HMI).

Based on the region, the market for industrial automation has been categorized into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa.

A large portion of the growth is expected to come from the Asia Pacific. Kawasaki Robotics, Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation, Yokogawa Electric Corporation are some of the key players from the Asia Pacific.

Below you can find several PLC brands that are popular PLC brands in the market.

List of PLC Manufacturers

1. Siemens

2. Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley

3. Mitsubishi Electric

4. Schneider Electric

5. Omron

6. Emerson (General Electric)

7. Keyence


9. B & R Industrial Automation

10. ABB

11. Bosch Rexroth

12. Hitachi

13. Phoenix Contact

14. Panasonic

15. LS Electric

16. Eaton

17. Delta Electronic

18. Yokogawa Electric

19. Toshiba

20. Fanuc

PLC brands list by country-wise

You can find the country-wise PLC brands list in the below-mentioned table.

Country Leading Automation Brands
Japan Omron Industrial Automation
Yaskawa Electric Corporation
Mitsubishi Electric
Fuji Electric
Yokogawa Electric
United States Emerson Electric
Rockwell Automation
Germany Siemens
Phoenix Contact
Switzerland ABB
France Schneider Electric
Taiwan Delta Electronics
Israel Unitronics
China Wecon Technology
India RS Enterprises
General Industrial Controls (GIC)


PLC Brands

Siemens, probably, the biggest name in the world of automation. Siemens manufactures a PLC product named Simatic PLC. It offers a various range of products such as,

  • Simatic LOGO PLC
  • Simatic S7-1200 Series PLC System
  • Simatic S7-300 Series PLC System
  • Simatic S7-400 Series PLC System
  • Simatic S7-1500 Series PLC System

Siemens offers a service in various sectors, such as

  • Industrial Automation
  • Building Technology
  • Drive Technology
  • Energy
  • Mobility
  • Gas and Power
  • Software
  • Financial Services


Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley)

PLC Manufacturers

Allen Bradley is another name, that is popular in the automation sector. Allen Bradley offers a large range of PLC products, such as

  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC System
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC System
  • Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC System

PLC Brands

Rockwell Automation provides services in various sectors such as,

  • PLC Systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Drives
  • Motors
  • Actuators
  • HMI(Human Machine Interface)
  • Safety Components
  • Software



PLC Manufacturers

ABB is also a well-known PLC manufacturer company. ABB offers a small to large scale PLC system. The series of ABB PLC system are such as,

  • ABB AC500 PLC System
  • ABB AC500-eCo PLC System
  • ABB AC500-S Safety PLC System
  • ABB AC500-XC Extreme Conditions PLC System

The services the ABB mainly focuses on,

  • Energy-Related Products
  • Drives
  • High-Voltage Products
  • Medium-Voltage Products
  • Low-Voltage Products
  • Measurement and Analytics
  • Power Transmission Lines


Schneider Electric

PLC Brands

Schneider Electric is an MNC based company, that is located in France. The company mainly focuses its services on two main sectors:

  • Energy Management
  • Industrial Automation Sector

There are various range of PLC products, Schneider Electrics have, such as

  • Schneider Modicon M221 PLC
  • Schneider Modicon M241 PLC
  • Schneider Modicon M251 PLC
  • Schneider Modicon M258 PLC
  • Schneider Modicon Momentum Series PLC
  • Schneider Modicon Premium Series PLC
  • Schneider Modicon Quantum Series PLC


Mitsubishi Electric

PLC Manufacturers

Mitsubishi Electric is a Japanese MNC company that provides various electrical and electronics products. It offers a large range of products and services especially in,

  • Energy and Electric Systems
  • Industrial Automation Systems
  • Information and Communication Systems
  • Electronics Devices
  • Home Appliances

The PLC products range of Mitsubishi Electric are,

  • Mitsubishi MELSEC iQ-F Compact Series
  • Mitsubishi  MELSEC-F Compact Series
  • Mitsubishi  MELSEC-L Standard Series
  • Mitsubishi  MELSEC iQ-R Series
  • Mitsubishi  MELSEC-Q Series



PLC Brands

Omron is a global electronics company based in Japan. Omron is mainly focusing on the following sectors, such as:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Electronics and Mechanical Components
  • Automotive Electronic Components
  • Healthcare

Omron has a large range of PLC products, such as,

  • Omron CP Compact PLC
  • Omron CJ Module PLC
  • Omron CS Rack PLC



PLC Brands

Emerson is a US-based organization. We will find Emerson mainly in the Instrumentation sectors. The company is offering its services mainly on,

  • Measurement Instrumentation
  • Valves, Actuators, and Regulators
  • Fluid Control and Pneumatics
  • Control and Safety Systems
  • Electrical Components and Lighting
  • Welding, Assembly, and Cleaning
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Home Products


Various companies are popular for their PLC products and automation services as well.

PLC Brands List

I hope this has been a helpful lesson that gives you information about the most popular PLC brands across the world. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this, please comment in the comment section below.

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